Crack the code!

Crack the code!

I just read a good book available in Swedish called just that (“Knäck Koden”, by JB Public Relations). It describes different ways children and teachers can play with the language. The earlier one starts playing the better.

Some brains are just different when it comes to reading and writing texts. Some people can write but they cannot read what they just wrote. Others can read but when they read – the words come in a different order than in the text. Yet others can hear read out loud text but they don’t hear the words just a bunch of sounds.

It is amazing how many different things someone needs to learn just to be able to read. One of the most basic is the mapping of a symbol to a sound.

The book is very optimistic and contain several nice interviews with dyslectics in all ages as well as great teacher tip on what they have found working.

But most of all it seems the brain needs more time and practice. The learning must take place in a relaxed way.

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