Pictagrid review

Pictagrid is the latest Android software from IT Nilsson. It is quite an interesting approach to word puzzles. As with many of their previous products, Pictagrid’s base is the word maze. You are to find different words within this maze. Now why release yet another word puzzle game? There are thousands of them in the Android market.

Well IT Nilssons answer is that it is not just a word game. It is a learning tool in disguise. Again there is that connection to dyslexia. It is an experimental game of course, without any external fundings, that takes yet another step towards getting the dyslectic brain grasp more about how words are created and associated. Pictagrid is created from images. An image forms the background of the game and you are to find the spelling of multiple smaller images located at the side.

Scientists believe that persons with dyslexia does not hear the word inside their heads when seeing the word. In Pictagrid the image, a text to speech-machine (the Android shipped one) reading the word out loud and the break-up of the word into multiple symbols in the maze are combined to one. IT Nilsson hopes that the combination of all three of them will help the brain to create the missing mappings between sound and spelling. I’m not sure whether it will work though but it is a good thought.

Included in this game are two downloads. One with vegetables and another with fruits. The fruits and vegetables all come in 11 languages and one can randomize the game so it is quite large for a free game. There is also another download called Animals but it is for members only and when following the links to the end I end up in another game from IT Nilsson called ArtWords Word Search. According to IT Nilsson the games from Pictagrid is still not in ArtWords as of version 1.2.6 but they will come when another version has been released.

My conclusion however is that the game is quite good for a free game. It is also very easy compared to other word mazes. (It actually shows the starting location of the word when clicking its image. But you still have to figure out the direction.) I just love the art and I feel good when locating the words so quickly. It is a feelgood game. If I could wish for more it is to have a better pronunciation of some words. But hey Google, throw some money at it please!

More info on IT Nilsson site:


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