Get a piece of the music

Don’t you find it strange that Spotify has never asked you whether you would like to be part of the broad success that it is? I have been wondering for many years. When will they come? It is a well known secret among a selected few when the huge company goes round hat in hands asking for money. Suddenly funding is already there and success is announced. When will they ask me if I want to be part of it? Is not Spotify a company of general interest? I think everyone is interested in music.

Perhaps the real deal is to do as JayZ and get a Spotify of his own. He has recently placed a bid on the whole of Aspiro. Aspiro is actually the same as Spotify except that it is smaller and still in the brand building process. Have you heard of TIDAL or WiMP? No? Well, TIDAL is HiFi streamed music and WiMP is streaming music like Spotify. The total number of available tracks are about the same or even a few more as Taylor Swift apparently likes her Aspiro deal a lot better. So JayZ is quite a player attempting to homerun the company from the Stockholm OMX exchange.

If you also fancy a piece of the music now is your chance to do as JayZ. Still (feb 2015) there are a lot of Aspiro shares for sale on the OMX exchange and if more than 10% decline JayZ his bargain bid it will remain a public company for years to come. Spotify has just recently got another $500M from their selected few so there is a chance for a good fight.

Well if I could borrow a slogan from somewhere it would be ”Don’t kill good music”.

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