I have a friend who has dyslexia

There are some very neat smart phone apps for the dyslectics. Personally I have tried the Prizmo tool for iPad. It works very good for printed texts. You just take a photo of a page and it will be read out loud for you. The iPad with the better camera is recommended since OCR reading needs good pictures to work.

Well what about my friend? My friend who has dyslexia can hardly read even though he now is thirteen years. Instead he looks at pictures and is a regular user of youtube. Simpson is one of his favorite TV-shows. Well he got hold of the Prizmo app and was eager to try it out. He brought one of his favorite comics books Herman Hedning http://www.hermanhedning.com and tried it on one of the text bubbles. Sadly it did not work. We tried on several text bubbles but none worked. I tried the advanced white balancing options a.s.o. but to no avail. Amazing because the text bubbles in Herman Hedning are so nicely written that they look like a font.

Surely there must be something the Prizmo developers can do so that dyslectics can read comic books as well?